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Our dash cam products and accessories are sold and purchased in big box retailers and television shopping network programs all over North America. Most dash cam companies  purchase cameras from outside vendors, we manufacture our own.

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Life on the road has so many unexpected surprises. Our line of dash cams has a model for everyone’s needs. These dash cams are for when baby does something in the backseat, or when an accident happens and you need video proof. These dash cams are for capturing videos inside and outside of the car. 4Sight’s product line of dash cams capture HD quality video of the front and back. Our dash cams are the best quality at the lowest price. Supported by our award-winning customer service, our dash cams and accessories are the best deals on the web.

Capture the Unexpected

4Sight’s entire product line of dash cams includes car cameras 4 the pro, 4 the soccer mom, 4 the adventurer and 4 the learning driver. 

Surprises happen on the road.

Our dash cameras provide the security of a recording device while driving. Got in a car accident? …Prove it’s not your fault. Order your dash cam today.

Our Dash Cams Look Out For You

Dash Cam : Your Personal Witness On the Road

Our dash cams are the perfect witness to any incident or accident that happens while driving on the road.

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Dash Cam : Capture Special Moments while You Drive

Our top of the line cameras are used to capture surprises on the road and special moments while you drive.

Our cameras are built with quality, ease of use, and customer satisfaction in mind.

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Easy to Use and Affordable.

Zero hassle. Award-winning customer service, partnered with a quality product makes choosing our car security cameras a win win.

Standard features include HD 1080P, continuous loop recording, LCD color screen, and WiFi.

4Sight, Maker of The Original Dash Cam

Dash cam loop recording is a must feature to have in any dash cam!

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All of our dash cam dual camera models are of the highest quality.