The Original Dash Cam

The Original Dash Cam - Archive, Share, Protect

Life on the road is full of surprises. The Original Dash Cam is another set of eyes with a perfect memory.

Amazing Features

The Original Dash Cam is cutting-edge technology. Here are some of the most popular features of our products.

Dual Lenses

Two lenses, one 140° wide angle, one telescopic, rotate a full 180°

Split Screen

Displays both lenses on a single split screen

HD Video

Records HD video continuously onto a microSD card

Panic Button

Panic button in conjunction with G-sensor automatically stores important video so that it will not be deleted

GPS Tracking

Supports an optional GPS tracking accessory to log your exact speed and location, and playing back over a Google Maps overlay


G-Sensor and Anti-Shake image stabilization means you never miss capturing clear video

Time & Date

Time and date stamped for validity

Easy Export

Easily export files to your computer and upload them to YouTube to become the next YouTube superstar!

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Your Choice for the Best Dash Cam Systems

Technology is booming forward, and The Original Dash Cam is no exception. The Original Dash Cam PLUS is at the forefront of the future!

Lane Departure Warning

Get a warning sound if you start to drift out of your lane.

Forward Collision Warning

Hear a warning sound if you are approaching the car in front a little too fast.

Light Change Warning

Hey buddy, the light's green! Yep, The Original Dash Cam will let you know before that guy behind you does.



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Two lenses (140° wide angle & telescopic) rotate a full 180°.

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Two wide angle HD lenses.

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HD 1080p recording, Touch Screen, Loop Recording & more!

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Records 1080p 30fps HD video onto a microSD card.

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Compact size is less obtrusive.

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Your personal witness. Time and Date Stamped for validity!

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Retailers and Reviews


With disputes regarding previous accidents, this provides visual proof of accident events. Serves to locate points of interest not visible while driving. Power button inconveniently placed. Easy to shut unit off when holding unit.

Alan 9/26/2013 Virginia -

My company offers roadside assistance to stranded motorists. This camera affords me the security of knowing that if robbed, I will have an active copy displaying the rear of the offender's vehicle. Convictions are ensured with this good detail.

MJ Ponsegrau, Port Arthur, TX -

Original Dash Cam 2 is GREAT! ... I wish I had this when I witnessed a careless driver edging off the roadway and striking a pedestrian. One of the attorneys in the lawsuit would have loved it! I did buy one shortly after the accident but it didn't have the mute button and only had one cam. This dual-cam unit can face forward, backward, or one of each, as well as pivot to the sides. Excellent investment!

Florida driver Sarasota, FL -

I get this camera [4SK106] a couple of week ago. I use it on a trip From Florida To Conn, on I-95. Work great, have a good picture day or night. The size is great can be place any place on the windshield without the issue to block your view.

Hector528, CT -

This dash cam [4SK606] works great. It's easy to operate. The two camera function has one camera with close up and the other is wide angle so you don't miss anything. Both cameras rotate 180 degrees. I would buy it all over again.

Fortmillsc -

With so many police depts cuttng back motor patrol officers to handle fender benders these days its Your Word...Against the Other Drivers. After taking this great easy to install product out of the box. I was heading to obtain & burger / fries when BLAM!!!! OUT OF THE BLUE I WAS STRUCK BROADSIDE BY A DRUNK DRIVER THAT TRIED TO FLEE THE SCENE. And it was All captured with my New Dash Cam From HSN Trust me...Itll be The Most Important investment OF YOUR ENTIRE LIFE.

Weal_1510 NV -
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