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At 4Sight we are a team of innovators who first introduced not just The Original Dash Cam Brand to North America, but dash cams all together were first introduced by us. We began by producing the 4SK98 back in 2008 and bringing it to market.  Our quality and innovative products speak for themselves as the 4SK98 is still available to this day and has thousands of satisfied users. The success of our first single lens unit lead to the development of the first ever dual lens dash cam, we called it The Original Dash Cam 2 or the 4SK606.  This camera still remains our bestselling camera of all time and remains in use in thousands of vehicles around the world.

North America’s Premier Dash Cam Manufacturer

Maker’s of

We have since then brought numerous new cameras to market, and starting this year we have opened our own manufacturing facility.  Which is unprecedented in the dash cam industry as all others simply buy some other factories products and places their logo on them.  This is why you will never find a new Original Dash Cam product anywhere else.  It is for these reasons we have been and continue to be the leaders in dash cam manufacturing and development.

We were the first in North American big box retailers such as Best Buy Canada, Canadian Tire, Camping World, Pep Boys and Meijer just to name a few. We felt that only having our units available in big box retail stores was not fair to consumers so we have launched our own online store and began selling direct to the public.  The future of 4Sight and The Original Dash Cam looks exciting as we are gearing up to release a new line of Smart Dash Cams that have connectivity with smart devices.  These dash cams will connect to ios and Android devices alike.  Continue to keep an eye on 4Sight makers of The Original Dash Cam as we will continue to bring you amazing new products to improve your lives.

This is a photo of 4 dash cams. From left to right: 4SK98. 4SK108, 4SK606 and the 4SK909

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