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10 Best 4K Dash Cam Of 2021 [Top Picks]

Having a dashcam is one of the most efficient and simplest ways to protect yourself from any liability on the road. According to the current traffic rules, everyone who is driving needs to install this device in their car. With the improvement of technology, there are a lot of alternatives to select from. Among them, the cameras with the highest resolutions are the best 4k dash cam.

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4k resolution cameras capture more detail compared to the 1080 pixel gadget. If you get caught up in any mishap or accident, 4k dash cam will offer high-quality videos as evidence that will help you win a clear cut victory. In any insurance dispute, it is significant to capture the license plates of the other car. A best 4k dash cam will capture these details even if it happens all within microseconds. 

There are many models of 4k dashboard cameras available in the market today. But many of them do not provide 4 K resolutions. A best 4k dashcam should include a minimum of 8 MP of image sensors. In this review, we have personally researched various 4K models and have narrowed down the list to the top 10 best dashcams of 2021. Read on further if you are still interested to know them in detail.

Is it true that 4K quality dash cams exist?

Yes, 4k quality dashcams indeed do exist. The snapshot taken with a 4K dashcam contains almost 8 million pixels, whereas a full HD device contains only 2 million. 4K gadgets can pack 4 pixels into a single space. You can consider any dashcam as 4K if it includes a minimum of 8 MP of image sensors that can record any video footage in 384X2160 pixels or 4096X2160 pixels resolution. 

Shooting a 4K video will oversample every pixel by a factor of 4. Additionally, it also offers crisper and sharper images with better color data and easier grades. The capture by a 4k dash cam also reduces the chances of blur images even when the vehicle is moving. If your dashcam includes all these above features, then it is an actual 4K version. 

The Best 4K Dash Cam:

1. Rove R2- 4K Dash Cam

This 4K dash cam from Rove R2 can imprison videos up to a 2160 Pixel resolution. The ultra High-quality video recording is so outstanding that the user can notice a clear difference in the clarity compared to the other dashcams. The revolutionary night vision technology captures comparatively clearer images and videos by recording even in low lighting conditions.

Now you can manage and view the videos recorded in the R2 Rove camera on any iOS or Android device. By using an application, you can also download the 4K recorded videos directly on a smartphone, tablet, or PC and then share it on different social media platforms.

The inbuilt GPS can accurately record the driving speed and location. Now view your tracker and driving route on Google maps through the Wi-Fi using the car DV player or an Application. The company also provides free up-gradation of firmware for the car camera.

Moreover, this dashboard cam comes with 150 degrees wide-angle A+ lens that can capture vital details of the road ahead. The WDR technology optimizes the quality of the video with wider image details and light range. The F1.8 aperture of the gadget can capture more light to deliver an image or video with high brightness.

Key Features:

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2. VIOFO A129 Pro 4K Dual Dash Cam

Viofo A129 is one of the most efficient and high-end gadgets among their dashcam collection. The Sony 8MP IMX317 sensors can record HD quality 4K videos simultaneously both day and night. Due to twin cameras, it can imprison the details of both rear and front roads. It also decreases the blind spot and protects your vehicle from all around.

It comes with 130 degrees viewing angle at the front and 140 degrees wide viewing angle at the back that allows you to capture a wider view of the road with no bending of the footage. The WDR and F 1.8 7 Glass layer lens ensure that you get HD quality pictures and videos even at night.

This best 4K dash cam also includes a buffered parking feature that records the impact of an accident along with its results. This feature automatically saves the recorded video in a secure location so that it cannot overwrite later. A stable, inbuilt, and faster Wi-Fi connection allows blazing speed for the transference of the videos recorded in this gadget to your smartphone.

Key Features:

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3. Vantrue X4 UHD 4K Dash Cam

This 4k dash cam from Vantrue can record crisp videos of 3840×2160 pixels resolution at 30 FPS and 2560X1440 pixels at 60 FPS at any time of the day. It is perfect to set up in any SUV, car, truck, tesla, and bus. The 3 inches LCD screen offers exceptional convenience to change the settings of the camera or view new footage.

The supercapacitor present in this device can operate at extreme weather conditions of -4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit to make the inter source of power more long-lasting and durable. This 4K dashboard camera comes with an advanced chipset of Ambarella and Sony Image sensors. These features can successfully record 2560X1440 P at 60 FPS and 3840X2160P at 30 FPS.

Also, with its 160 degrees of wide viewing angles, the gadget can capture images of up to 4 lane roads with no difficulty. The lens also eliminates blind spots with no bending pictures. The device automatically switches itself to parking mode when it senses no movement within the vehicle in 5 minutes.

Key Features:

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4. VAVA 4K Car Dash Camera

Capture beautiful moments worth sharing with this best 4k dash cam from Vava. It offers stellar 4K resolution by recording the videos at 3840X2160 at 30 FPS. Such a high resolution delivers each detail with perfect clarity. The advanced IMX307 Image sensors from Sony and the F1.8 aperture lens enhance the vision at night, even in low lighting surroundings.

Now you can easily access all your recorded footage through the Wi-Fi connection via an application on your smartphone with no necessity to remove the memory card. You can efficiently download, share, and view your videos and images anywhere and anytime.

The feature of parking mode carefully monitors your car when you are not around, and the engine is not running. Inbuilt 320 mAh battery can record and immediately save the footage when detecting a sudden shake or collision near the vehicle. This device includes freedom to record from each angle due to fully rotatable 360 degrees of Swivel angle.

Key Features:

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5. Lifechaser 4K Dual Dash Cam

This 4k dash cam includes the updated Omnivision image sensors with 8 MP resolutions. The built advanced pixel architecture leverages the BSI (Backside Illumination) technology. It helps to offer high-quality images, even in the sensitivity of low light conditions. It can also capture 4K videos in high contrasting lighting surroundings.

The rear and the front camera records footage at 1920X1080 Pixel resolution at 30 FPS and 3840X2160 Pixel at 30 FPS, respectively. With F 1.8 6G lens and the updated WDR technology can imprison minute details like street signs, license plates, and neon lights. Through the inbuilt Wi-Fi and GPS, you can check the vehicle’s speed, route, and location through the Google Map via any latest software.

You can set up the loop recording settings in 3, 10, and 5-minute intervals that will overwrite the old footage with the recent ones when the memory card gets full. Lifechaser dual dashcam comes with a parking mode that becomes active with the detection of any motion.

Key Features:

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6. AUKEY 4K 2880 x 2160P Dash Cam

Now it is easier to guard your friends and families with this best 4k dash cam from Aukey. The G sensor of this device instantly triggers and protects the recordings in a safe location to capture any unexpected accident or mishap. The dashcam’s stealth architecture uses a 157 degree viewing angle and CMOS image sensors to record stunning videos with full clarity at both night and day.

This gadget is also easy to install by implementing a 3M sticker adhesive mount to safely fasten the camera to the windshield of the camera within seconds. Just plug in the dual carport charger and connect the device through a mini B power cable. It will turn the device on and start recording immediately when you start driving.

It comes with a highly accurate six glass layer lens, AR0521 Image sensors, and an enduring supercapacitor. The product can capture any video in 4K at 2880X2160 pixel at 24 FPS. You can also connect to the embedded speed and location for exceptional protection to the user and trip tracking.

Key Features:

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7. TOGUARD 4K Dash Cam

Toguard 4k dash cam offers excellent Ultra HD resolution with a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees. The all-around swiveling lens can capture every detail of the road with pristine clarity and reduces all the blind spots during night and daytime, thus making your journey safer. The external GPS can display the longitude, speed, and latitude of the vehicle on the videos.

You can anytime playback the footage of driving imprisoned by the dashcam through the customized player of GPS named Dash Go. The Travelapse video can accelerate the footage on 6, 9, or 3 frames for every second. Everything seems to travel faster in this mode when you playback the video. This characteristic also saves storage memory cards while capturing some mind-blowing images for you.

Moreover, the parking mode of this gadget always keeps an eye on your vehicle while it is parked somewhere. It will get activated and begin recording a video for 15 seconds after detecting vibration or collision near the car. Infinite loop recording feature continuously imprisons the videos and overwrites the oldest ones when the SD card becomes full.

Key Features:

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8. THINKWARE U1000 Dual Dash Cam

The U1000 dual dash cam from Thinkware is one of the recent flagship devices that offers sharp and native 4K high-quality video. It also comes with a warning system for driver assistance to help the user’s safety while they are driving and are on the road. Using the night vision technology, it can imprison high standard footages even in low light environments like dim parking lots or dark alleys.

You can also upgrade the video resolution from 2K at 60 FPS to 4K at 30 FPS for capturing smoother images. The new and impressive Sony STARVIS 8MP image sensors can make any license plate visible even at night. The parking monitoring mode can record any video when triggered by any motion or vibration.

It offers uncompromised coverage of videos with 150 degrees wide viewing angles so that you can never miss a detail. The night vision process also reduces the surrounding noise while recording. The anti file corruption feature enhances the reliability of the memory card with no risks of losing the video due to corruption of data and bad blocks.

Key Features:

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9. Rove Stealth 4K Car Dash Cam

Now you can get enhanced picture quality on evening drive with the implicit Omni-Vision OSO8A10 sensors with this best 4K dash cam from Rove. The 8 MP sensors help improve the picture’s clearness during evening time and can demonstrate different advantages for catching the license plates for any event of an occurrence.

The product comes with H.265 of HEVC compression encoding technology so that you can carry on recording everything at 4K resolution with no worry about the storage saving space. This compression will not also degrade the quality of the video. The advanced algorithm of distortion correction corrects the recorded shots implementing video resolution redistribution.

All-time parking mode works through an internal battery. If anyone hits your vehicle, G sensors will detect the impact and the motion. After this, the camera will turn on and will imprison one-minute footage. It will then lock and save it in a secure file location. When you return to your vehicle, it will warm you with a voice alert message stating that the parking mode got activated while the user was away.

Key Features:

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10. THINKWARE U1000 4k UHD Dash Cam

This best 4k dash cam dashcam from Thinkware can capture sharp and detailed ultra high definition footage in 4K at 30 FPS or can switch to high-quality HD 2K videos at 60 FPS. The advanced parking mode comes with motion detection that automatically starts the machine once it encounters a sudden jerk or a movement. It also comes with an inbuilt voltmeter to measure the impact.

The inbuilt Wi-Fi allows the user to transfer the recorded footage to their smartphone, tablet, or PC through a mobile application. The super night vision process captures any minute details, even in low light conditions. The anti file corruption saves the secured footage of the parking mode with no fear of data corruption or bad blocks.

It comes with multiple road warnings like lane departure, speed control, traffic violation, and many more. It also alerts you when you are near to violate any of the red light or speed camera traffic rules.

Key Features:

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Advantages of 4K Dashcam Over Quality Dash Cams:

4k dash cam

The main advantages of a best 4k dashcam over any normal dashcam are the recording quality. The difference remains clear when you took a sudden look at the video footage of the accident. A perfect 4K camera would be that one that can record the car’s number plate that has done the damage in case of any mishap. With a 4K device, you can zoom to the fullest with no breaking of the image to make out the registration number. Some of the other benefits of the 4K dashboard camera are as follows.

    • Hugely improving the color range and contrast in the videos imprisoned
    • Higher ability in recording the driver and passenger details 
    • Sits in the dashboard of the vehicle
    • It can record in a higher resolution of 3840X2160 pixels
    • Runs a recording at 60Mbits in every second 
    • 128 GB of MicroSD card can save a high-resolution video of 6 hours
    • Contains loop recording feature for constant video capturing

Factors to Look before Purchasing a 4K Dash Cam:

4k dashcam

You need to keep in mind a lot of things while selecting a 4K dashcam. We have discussed below some of those aspects that you should consider before making a final buying decision.

It is one of the most notable features of a 4K camera. Most of the 4K products will allow you to capture everything starting from the license plates to the street signs when you are driving. Picture resolution and quality are equally significant as these recordings might act as evidence in case there is an accident, theft, or burglary.

The display size of the screen varies from model to model of the 4K cameras. Most of them include an average screen size of 1.5 inches, but some come with 2.5 to 3 inches. The benefit of a 4K camera larger screen is that you can easily adjust the settings of the device, review the angle of the camera before driving, and review any footage captured in it.

Many 4K cameras do not offer the same value when compared to the costlier products. Thus while buying a dashcam, consider the price of each model and compare their features. In this way, you might get a fair value of getting accurately what you are paying.

You can ask for professional help for the installation of a 4K dashboard cam. If you want to set it up yourself, then follow the instructions clearly and install it with step by step guidance.

There might be different features that are available on a 4K dashcam based on the model you have chosen. Some of the gadget’s most common features include Wi-Fi capacity, GPS, Parking mode, G sensors, and many more.

You should also check out for many months the warranty will last. Most of the 4K models come with one year of guarantee. But some expensive 4K dash cams can offer quality assurance of up to 2 to 3 years. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are still unsure about which 4K dashboard cam to use, then the below FAQ will clear your mind and give you a perfect solution.

  • Q1) What is a 4K dashcam?

A gadget is a video camera that you can install in your vehicle and continuously record higher resolution videos while driving. It comes with numerous other features and is also known as an in-car camera system, dash camera, black box of the car, or Digital Video recorder of a vehicle.

  • Q2) How to install a 4K dashboard camera?

Once you have bought a 4K dashcam, you have to insert a memory card inside it and mount it to the dashboard or windshield of the vehicle. Then you have to plug in the dashcam’s power cord into the outlet of the cigarette lighter of the car. It will start recording instantly when you will begin driving the car. Always ensure to become familiar with the functions of the 4K cameras.

  • Q3) How do 4K dashcams operate?

4K dash cam automatically start recording when you supply the power. It saves the recorded video in a memory card present inside the gadget. When the memory card becomes full, the device again starts recording and replacing the old videos with the new ones. 

Final Verdict

Most people purchase a dashboard camera for security reasons. Thus finding the best 4k dashcam is significant. After extensive research on the features, manufacturing process, and the top customer reviews, we have reviewed the above products. All of them include some unique features and qualities. So select which dashcam will be the most suitable one according to your preferences. So that is all for today. See you in our next product review. Till then, happy or safe and driving!

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