5 Best Dash Cam with Parking Mode (2021)

Everyone wants to keep their vehicle away from any damage while parked outside your house or elsewhere. And, the best dash cam with parking mode can record any video footage of vandalism or hit and run incidents while your car is safely standing somewhere. This type of device comes with a motion sensor that can become active and begin recording the footage in case there is any movement or jerk in the car. 

It is also known as the silent witness of your car that acts as proof or evidence. You can also see everything afterward, actually what has happened when you are not near it. Mostly in these scenarios, a front and rear dash cam with parking mode is a perfect idea. The parking mode features are different in every model. Some cameras offer this feature with no use of a hardwire kit, while it requires an external battery to operate in some.

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But there are innumerable options for dash cams with parking mode facilities, so how will you understand which one is perfect for your vehicle? Well, to solve this problem, we have extensive research on all the best dash cams in the market and have prepared this review along with a detailed buying guide. So without wasting any of your time, let us take a quick look into the best options with the parking mode feature.

What is Parking Mode?

Parking mode refers to the term for any incident recording that is done by the dashcam when your car is being parked, and the engine is off. Parking mode also refers to parking surveillance, parking guard, or sentry mode. This feature is typically found in the top dash cameras. They provide all year round surveillance and protection to the vehicle. The video recording of the dash cam with parking mode can come in handy in the following circumstances.

  • If someone hit your vehicle and run away from the spot while it is parked
  • If you have received an undeserving ticket from the police for wrong parking or other traffic violation
  • If anyone attempts to vandalize or steal your car

A parking mode enters a hibernation state when the car is parked. But the dashcam always remains on full alert for any motion or movement near your vehicle. The dash cams with parking mode switch from normal mode to this one automatically and with no manual intervention. Some models also detect the voltage drop or implement a G sensor to detect the car’s inactivity.

The Best Dash Cam with Parking Mode:-

1. Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual 1080P Dash Cam

It is one of the most popularly used dashcams by the uber and other taxi drivers. The NT96660 Novatek processor offers stable performance to this device along with four infrared LEDs. N2 pro from Vanture uses OV4689 sensors for the front camera to provide the best visibility to the user.

This Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam also comes with a 1080 pixel recording at 60 FPS for the front and 1440 Pixel resolution at 30 FPS at the rear cameras. It is one of the finest dash cams with parking mode that also delivers the highest image quality. The infrared night vision is one of the most outstanding features of this model. It offers clear images of the road ahead, even in the dark or no lighting. Regular updates of the firmware make sure that all the functionalities and features are up to the current standards.

The device supports up to 256 GB of memory card to meet the demand for long recordings with no necessity of being overwritten. When the gadget detects a parking mode movement, both the front and the back camera start recording, ensuring 360-degree protection to your vehicle. 

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2. VAVA Dual Dash cam

Vava Dual Dash Camera is one of the best parking mode dash cam in the market that comes with a 1920X1080 pixel resolution at 30 FPS. It is the first dash cam model to adapt the dual Sony and NT96663 sensors for the recording of the images. It includes a separate camera that you can mount to the window or back cabin of the vehicle. In this way, you can record that is happening both on the front and rear end.

The dual sensors from Sony enhance the night visibility of the driver. The amalgamation of the six-layer glass lens and F1.8 aperture eliminates the requirement of an additional auxiliary light even in the low light conditions. The user, as a result of this feature, obtains color accurate and sharp images.

Moreover, the inbuilt 320 mAh battery helps to keep the device on even in the parking mode or when you turn off the engine. It acts like a surveillance mechanism that automatically records the video when it detects any physical movement or bumps near the vehicle. It automatically enters the recording mode when the user switches on this dash cameras with parking mode

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3. VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam

Viofo A129 is also one of the best dash cam with parking mode from the company. It records the front road at 4K and 130 degrees of viewing angle and the back road at 1080 pixel resolution with 140 degrees of viewing angle. It delivers a wide view of the road, of up to 3 lanes with no picture bending. It provides superior video recording throughout the entire duration when you are driving for an outstanding experience.

The 8MP Sony sensors not only offer performance but also help to shoot a clear and sharp video at night. The WDR technology and F1.8 7 glass lens make sure to provide you high-quality images even at night. In the parking mode, this front and rear dash cam with parking mode not only records the accident and its impact also.

Moreover, when the vehicle encounters a movement, the device starts recording a video sequence of 15 seconds before the beginning of the event and 30 seconds after it. It will also save the footage in a secure file where there will be no risk of deleting or overwriting it. The 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz wi-fi can transmit two different frequencies to avoid any wireless interference. 

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4. THINKWARE Q800PRO Dual Dash Cam Camera

The all-new Q800PRO from Thinkware is one of the top front and rear dash cam with parking mode that is a perfect harmony of performance and design. The advanced driver assistance warns the user about the potential accidents and lane departures along with alerts for the speed and red light traffic cameras. Now capture clean and detailed footage with this QHD 2K at 1440 Pixel and 5.14 Starvis Image sensor from Sony.

The parking surveillance mode of this device records the entire event by motion and impact detection. It also activates the built-in protection system of the battery to prevent the usage of vehicle batteries. The ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) can alert the driver of the upcoming collisions and departure of the front vehicle.

The cloud service from Thinkware allows you to check the location of your vehicle along with Geo-fencing facilities. You can very easily watch all the recorded videos on your windows or iOS smartphones directly through the Thinkware cloud mobile application.

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5. VIOFO A119 V3 2K Dash Cam

Viofo A119 is considered as one of the best parking mode dash cam with Quad HD 1600 pixel of video resolution. The inbuilt Sony 5MP sensor allows this device to record a clear view of the road ahead at 2560X1600 pixels at 30 FPS even at night and low light conditions. The 140 degrees angle covers multiple lanes to capture a wide image of the road ahead.

When the vehicle is in parking mode, the gadget detects the event within 15 seconds of the accident and 30 seconds after the impact. The camera saves the footage in a secure location so that you can provide it as proof or evidence to the police or the insurance company. The device detects the sudden movement or a jerk through the G sensors present in it.

Besides, the GPS logger of this top dash cameras with parking mode enters the date, time, and GPS location into the videos by synchronizing it with the satellite above. The supercapacitors offer a longer lifespan and better performance that provides heat resistance to the high temperatures. The WDR technology balances the light in the black-lit or high lighting areas to capture a superior quality image.

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Factors to look before purchasing best dash cam with parking mode:

Below are some remarkable vital aspects that you need to consider before making a final decision of the dashcam with a parking mode. 

The first and most important thing in a dash cam with parking mode is the capacitor or the internal memory. It will not actively supply power to the dashcam while you are using it. It can only implement the power supply from the capacitor or this battery to save the last video quickly in a video file before the device turns off. The battery of the gadget is small, and thus it is not capable of charging the camera for long hours when your car is parked or turned off. 

If you are searching for the best dash cam with parking mode with no use of a hardwire kit, you have to use an external battery. The internal battery cannot supply power to record the videos while you are driving. They can only save the last recorded footage in a secure file. Some people do not want to put additional stress on the vehicle’s battery and thus select an external battery for this purpose. 

A hardwire kit is known as the power adapter that connects your dash camera with the fuse box of the vehicle. You have to plug the kit into the fuse slot that supplies power to your car when the vehicle is in standing mode. In this way, the device will always get power supply and can instantly switch from parking to recording mode whenever the gadget detects a bump or a motion. 

The best thing to consider in the best dash cam with parking mode is whether you want to save the parking mode file on a memory card or connect it remotely to a cloud service. With the help of remote storage or a cloud service, you can send any video file to your smartphone even when you are far from your car. If someone tries to break into your vehicle and see that this device is recording everything, then he/she might try to destroy the evidence by ripping it off. Thus to be on the safe side, it is always better to record them remotely on a cloud service.

Best Zero Turn Mowers FAQ’s

If you are interested in knowing more about the dash cameras with parking mode, then the below commonly asked questions might clear your concept about them more.

  • Q1) Can the parking mode drain off the car battery?

The dashcam does not use a car battery while in the parking mode. A capacitor or an external battery supplies the power to the device so that they can record everything if any mishap happens in this mode.

  • Q2) For how many hours a dash cam can record?

The best dash cam with parking mode can record for almost 2 hours with 16 GB of micro SD card before it starts overwriting the old videos with the new ones. In the parking mode, the dashcam does not continuously record everything. Whenever it detects a jerk or a motion, it begins capturing the video for up to 30 seconds and records it in a secure file with no fear of being overwritten.

  • Q3) Is it safe to leave the dashcam when the vehicle is in the parking mode?

Yes, it is safe to leave the dashcam in the vehicle in the parking mode. You can watch what is happening to your car on a smartphone through a cloud service through this feature.

Final Verdict

The time has finally come to conclude this review about the front and rear dash cams with parking mode. We have described the top 5 professionally designed dash cams that will help you to take this challenging decision. Now look at each of the products carefully and eliminate each device from your list according to your necessity. The dash cams with parking mode features might be a little bit expensive, but it is nothing when associated with the safety of your vehicle. You can write to us about which model you have selected and your experience while using it. See you in our next review. Till then, happy driving!

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