5 Best Motorcycle Dash Cam (2021)


Riding the bike and capturing the beautiful landscape simultaneously often seems to be a difficult task. There is a specific camera that can be fitted on to the helmet, and videos can be captured. These are called the GoPro helmet cameras. However, there are a few disadvantages to this kind of camera.

  • The helmet feels too heavy, and it becomes challenging to move your head while riding
  • The stabilization of the images captured or the videos recorded are hampered if one moves the head 

Due to these reasons, the helmet camera could not gain much popularity. Then the motorcycle camera system evolved, and the dash cam became a popular choice in the market. These cameras can be fitted on the front panel o the bike and are lightweight as compared to GoPro. These devices are turned on automatically and can be directly charged from the car battery. Thus these were seen as an excellent alternative to the heavy GoPro models. 

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These dashcams are mute spectators of all the incidents and even accidents that are happening when you are on the road. The camera is turned on soon you turn on the ignition of the bike or motorcycle and keeps on recording everything in the loop. These videos are recorded in short segments of 3 or 4 minutes, depending upon the brand of dash cam you are using. The videos which are recorded can also be stored in external sd cards. 

Reason for using Moto Dashcam

The very first and most important reason for using a motorcycle dash cam is to be able to provide the cops with first-hand evidence about any accident that might have happened on the road. At times, we are wrongly held responsible for deeds that we did not commit. During such situations, if we have a recorded video to show to the legal authorities, it is more than an advantage and guarantees our innocence. A motorcycle dash cam comes handy in such situations.

This is a boon for all the wanderlust souls out there. Riding your bike safely and capturing videos or pictures of the beautiful roads and landscape ahead is a tad bit difficult. But with the Moto dashcam, your distant dream will come true. All you need to do is just install the dash cam on the dashboard of your bike, and you are ready to go.

Here we have mentioned the basic specifications as well as the pros and cons of the most popular dash cams for a motorcycle that is available in the market.

The Best Motorcycle Dash Cam Reviews

1. Innovv K2 Motorcycle Dashcam

The Innovv K2 motorcycle dash cam is the perfect choice for all varieties of motorbikes. This dash cam is durable and can withstand minor accidents and thereby is a reliable choice. With dimensions of 3.5X2.3X0.5, this motorcycle dash cam is lightweight and does not interfere with the performance of the bike or does not distract the rider in any way. Dust and specks of dirt are common problems when you are traveling on the road. This dash cam takes care of that aspect and is designed in a way such that it is resistant to dust, dirt, foam etc.

Rain can not hinder the vision of this motorcycle dash cam as it is water-resistant and can be easily used even when it is raining outside. You also have the option to connect your dash cam with your Apple or Android device and control the settings of the camera. This also has the option to download the recorded videos on-the-go and view them. Sharing the recorded videos is also at your fingertips with the Innovv K2 Motorcycle, on different social networking sites like FaceBook, WhatsApp e.t.c.

Key Features:

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2. Blueskysea motorcycle Dashcam

This motorcycle dash cam is advantageous over the other dashcams in this price range due to its large screen size of 4 inches. The high resolution of the screen does not put any stress on your eyes and helps you with a clear and bright vision. The IPS touch panel assists in the smooth running of the device, and no lags in functioning have been reported by the customers. This motorcycle dash cam looks very elegant and compact and thereby is the right choice for every biker who wants a classy dash cam that functions perfectly.

When we talk of bikes or cars, the first thing that comes to our mind is the safety issue. This dash cam has a safe driving mode that does not interfere with your driving experience and thereby prevents all sorts of accidents. There is a facility to preview the videos that you have recorded directly on the dash cam itself, without transferring it to some other device. This motorcycle camera supports 32 GB external sd card; thus, even if the default memory of the camera runs out, there would not be any problem. The location of your bike can be tracked with the help of the GPS tracker that is in-built in this dashcam.

Key Features:

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3. Halocam motorcycle dashcam

The Halocam motorcycle dash cam is a dual cam with a resolution of 1080 pixels. This dash cam also has an image sensor that chooses the filter of the image automatically. The Halocam dash cam has a wide angle of 155 degrees and can capture all the peripheral landscape beside the video of the road in front. The lense of the dash cam is waterproof as well as dustproof. As a result of this, you can capture clear pictures and video while traveling, without any worry. And since the this motorcycle cameras is mounted on the bike, thus it is not subjected to much swing or disturbance.

Moreover, It is often seen that we forget to charge our dashcam, and as a result, when we try to record video while traveling, we see that there is not much charge left. But with the Halocam motorcycle camera can be charged even by connecting it with the ignition switch or the headlight of the motorcycle. 

Thus, you need not worry about charging your dash cam anymore. You can also charge it using your power bank. However, it has a built-in lithium battery that can be used in case of any emergency.

Key Features:

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4. Vsysto Waterproof Dashcam

The Vsysto waterproof dash cam is turned on automatically when the bike starts, and the recording is turned off as soon it the bike is not in use anymore. One of the highlighting features of this dash cam is that it does not have any Li-ion battery but has a super-capacitor that can be directly connected to the battery of the motorcycle. With this dashcam, you can directly share the recorded video with your peers from the dash cam itself. The recorded videos can be downloaded and previewed using the built-in wifi app.

There is an automatic emergency sensor that turns on the camera as soon as it senses some kind of mishap. You can also record several videos on the loop with the on-loop feature of this motorcycle dashcam. Shorter videos of less than 3 minutes duration are over-written automatically. It has a waterproofing metal shell that protects the lens of the camera and allows you to record videos or take snaps even when it is raining. 150 degrees wide-angle camera captures clear 1080 pixel images and videos, both in the front as well as in the back. That is the reason it is one of the best motorcycle dash cams.

Key Features:

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5. Thinkware M1 sports Dashcam

This Thinkware dash cam for a motorcycle has an electronic stabilization feature that minimizes the jerks and sounds from the motorcycle and captures bright and clean images with minimal distortion of audio. Thus, be it some hilly region or a plain terrain, you need not worry about the stability of the pictures or the videos recorded. This motorcycle dash cam ends all your worries about charging periodically. Both front, as well as rear videos, can be recorded with the help of this dashcam, in full HD quality.

You can share the recorded videos or snapshots on social networks or with your friends using the wifi feature of this device. This dash cam has got an IP66 rating for successful recording experience even during the worst of weather conditions. This motorcycle camera is entirely water-resistant and is extremely durable that will last you a lifetime if handled with care.

Key Features:

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Buying Guide for Motorcycle Dash Cam:

dash cam for motorcycle

A few things to be kept in mind while choosing the best dash cam for your bike are as follows:

While traveling on bike or motorcycle, commonly, there might occur some kind of accidents or mishaps. And thus, the make of the dash cam is very important. If it is made from inferior quality material, then there are chances that the dash cam will perish very soon. Thus, while choosing the dash cam for your motorcycle, check that it is made from exclusive-quality material that is not easily breakable. Otherwise, it will only be a wastage of money for you, as you will need to change it from time to time. It is thus wiser to invest more one single time rather than spending small amounts for an uncountable number of times. 

We can not avoid the harsh weather conditions when we are on-road. And thus, we must keep in mind while buying a dash cam that it must be weatherproof. By weatherproof, we mean to say that it must waterproof so that it can record videos seamlessly even when it is raining. Also, if not the entire dashcam, then at least the lens of the dash cam must be dustproof. Otherwise, if dust from the road accumulates on the lens of the camera, hazy and unclear videos will be recorded, which would not serve our purpose. Thus choose a camera that functions simultaneously well in all weather conditions.

Various dash cams can be installed on various locations of the bike, and some of them can also be mounted on the helmet of the rider. Thus, you should go through the product description once, before you buy the device. And while choosing the criteria, you must consider the stability of the videos that are being recorded on your device. A few dashcams are set up on the back of the mirror, while others are set up near the dashboard of the bike. So choose according to your need.

A significant factor to consider while choosing a dash cam is the quality of the video that is being recorded. Since you would need to provide these videos as a token of evidence, or maybe you will share them with your peers. Thus the quality of the video would be a matter of concern. It must have a minimum stabilization ability to record the videos on-the-go.

Most of the dash cams are charged directly from the engine of the motorcycle. As soon as the combustion is turned on, the camera is also turned on, and it keeps on drawing a charge from the car engine. A few of the dashcams are provided with Li-ion batteries for emergencies. Also, if you mainly travel within the city premises, then a medium battery life of a few hours would suffice. But if you are buying the dash cam to record videos while on long trips, then you must choose a dash cam with a superior quality battery that lasts for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q) What are the various qualities of dash cam available in the market?

There are mainly two types of dashcams that are popular in the market:

  1. Single-lens dashcam: These devices can record only what is happening in front of the bike, and no rearview recording takes place. They are cheaper as compared to other dashcams with more features. These are good to start-with models.
  2. Dual-lens dashcam: These devices are a little pricey and can be used even for commercial purposes. There are two cameras, one for recording the front view and the other for capturing the back view. 
  • Q) How is a dash cam charged?

A few of the dashcams have an in-built battery, while the others can be directly charged from the car battery. As soon as the spark is turned on of the motorcycle, immediately, the dash cam starts charging.

  • Q) What are a few of the famous brands for buying useful dashcams?

The most popular brands in the market for buying useful dashcams are Innovv, Blueskysea, Thinkwear, Helocam, etc. One can also read customer feedback before opting for a particular model or a brand. 

  • Q) Why are these devices called dashcams?

These devices got their name from the position on which they were mounted initially. On inception, these devices were mounted on the dashboard of cars, but with time many different models of dash cam have evolved, which can be mounted on different positions of the motorcycle.

  • Q) Is it legal to use a dash cam device on the vehicle?

Yes, It is legal to install dashcams on the vehicle, but it is recommended to turn on the safe driving moe while riding the bike. The recordings from the dash cam can even be used to legally support the innocence or fault of a person.

Final Verdict

We hope the above guide about dash cams will help you choose the best dash cam for your vehicle. With the installation of a dash cam on your motorcycle, your traveling experiences can be recorded and saved as valuable memories. Thus, do not wait up and buy your dash cam and start traveling!

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