Can I Send Dash Cam Video to the Police?

Can I Send Dash Cam Video to the Police? You might already know by now the purpose of a Dash Cam and what it is installed for in your vehicle. If you are new here, well Dash Cams are here to protect you and record evidence under many difficult circumstances. It could be an accident … Read more

Do People Steal Dash Cams – 5 Ways to Keep it Safe

Do People Steal Dash Cams? You are here to know if people can steal the Dash Cam from your vehicle? Well, the answer is yes, it can happen. You never know what people have in their minds and to what level they can act upon. So, there is always a possibility of security whether it … Read more

Solar Powered Dash Cam [DIY Guide and Panel Setup]

Solar Panel is one of the highly efficient renewable sources of energy that can be used to power your Dash Cam. Instead of relying on a car battery, you can simply install the solar panel on your car and use it for multiple purposes all through the day. So, we have brought you this small … Read more

Dash Cam Battery VS Capacitor | Pros & Cons

We have come across a lot of users whether a newbie or a professional confused over whether battery vs Capacitor debate. There are a lot of aspects to be considered before purchasing your next or even your first dash cam whether you should choose a lithium-ion battery or Supercapacitor powered Dash Camera. By doing extensive … Read more

Can Dash Cams Get You A Car Insurance Discount?

insurance discount for dash cam

We all know by now the importance of a Dash Cam and the multiple benefits it brings with it. The major reason why anyone chooses to install a Dash Cam in their vehicle either be it in your car, truck, or on a motorcycle, etc., all of these are to get the insurance discount for … Read more

Can We Use GoPro as a Dash Cam?

gopro dash cam

GoPro dash cams are a product of a particular brand that is popular as an action camera. Action cams are well known for capturing sports events and extreme weather conditions. GoPro cameras’ main characteristics are that they are lightweight, compact, waterproof, and include high FPS to record every moment. This makes it an ideal action … Read more