FAQs – Frequently asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions. Please visit our Knowledge-base for a full list, how to’s, and Trouble Shooting Guides.

The Original Dash Cam comes with a function we call “retro-looping. When this function is active, the Dash Cam will record in segments for your set amount of time (1,3,5 minutes). Once the memory card is full, the oldest segment will be deleted and recorded over — this allows you to always have your most recent video footage without your card every filling up. Alternatively, if you choose to turn this function off, the 8GB memory card included with the Dash Cam will take constant video for 30 minutes – 1 hour depending on the resolution selected. Additionally The Original Dash Cam supports memory cards as large as 32GB, we prefer ADATA brand memory cards.
The Original Dash Cam comes with a full one year manufacturers warranty from the date of purchase with a valid purchase receipt.

The Original Dash Cam comes standard with a 8GB memory card. It supports memory cards up to 32GB. Some Card brands do not work in dash cams, please visit our knowledge-base for a full list.

Most dash cams come with 120 degree, but cameras can vary from a narrow angle up to 140 degrees.

The Original Dash Cam 2 has two lenses; One lens is a 140 degree wide angle lens, the other is a 15 meter telescopic lens.

Excluding the 4Sk606 and 4SK909x, which has its own file format and its own windows based software, our dash cams record video in .AVI format. Still photos are taken in .JPG format.

Yes, this can be done either by plugging the Dash Cam into your computer via the USB cable, or alternatively if your computer has a SD card reader, simply pop the memory card out of the Dash Cam and into your computer to transfer files.

Aside from the 4Sk606 and 4SK909x, which has its own property for playing videos (windows based), we recommend VLC player.

Most of our cameras record in 1080 unless otherwise. Please look at manuals for resolutions.

The GPS tracking accessory connects to The Original Dash Cam 2 through the miniUSB port on the top of the camera. The tracker then logs your exact speed and coordinates and allows you to view this information played back on a Google Maps overlay side by side with your recorded video. To purchase this accessory go to: https://www.getdashcam.com/product/4sk606-gps/

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