Can We Use GoPro as a Dash Cam?

GoPro dash cams are a product of a particular brand that is popular as an action camera. Action cams are well known for capturing sports events and extreme weather conditions. GoPro cameras’ main characteristics are that they are lightweight, compact, waterproof, and include high FPS to record every moment. This makes it an ideal action camera to go on a hiking, surfing, snowboarding, or a road trip adventure.

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Many people have tried to use this as dash cams, but they are mostly built as action cameras for recording videos in tight situations. Also, they are usually more expensive than the dash cameras and need to be turned on every time before driving.

How to use GoPro as a dashcam?

Implementing a GoPro as a dashcam is not a good idea at all. If you are thinking of a single road trip, then it is perfect for that occasion. But for long term use, it might be the best solution for you. All the models of GoPro dashcams come with high-resolution video recording and picture capturing facility that is essential for shooting the finer details of the road ahead.

The fish-eyed lenses eliminate any blind spot, which is extremely beneficial for avoiding any mishap while driving. It also helps to display the video as proof once there is a collision. The looping intervals in the GoPro need to be set manually. This will record the last minutes of the journey in case anything unfortunate happens.

Features of GoPro

The GoPro cameras, mostly its latest models like Hero 7 or 8, offer 4K resolution that captures every detail of the road. The GPS feature helps track the date, time, and location if anything wrong happens while driving. It can also back up the claims about what you were doing at the time of the accident.

The GoPro design comes in a bracket mount or a protective case that makes the device sustain any extreme or rough weather. This feature is useful if you have gotten into a horrible accident or are driving through low or high temperatures.

GoPro car cameras come with several functionalities. You can edit and change the settings of the cam remote from your smartphone. You need to install the GoPro app on your phone and operate the dashcam without taking it out from the mount. There is also a function for Auto Upload. This property enables the device to upload the videos directly to the cloud if the cam is connected to a Wi-Fi.

GoPro instantly shuts itself down when the temperature reaches 125 degrees Fahrenheit. The battery life of GoPro Hero 5 ranges from 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes. GoPros include a total of three buttons and a small screen in the front. Some cameras of GoPro also consist of shock sensors that immediately detect in case of abrupt movement and record the video.

Issues with GoPro Dash Cam:

Break-in of vehicles is quite common. GoPro cameras for cars are quite expensive, accessible, and distinct. There is a big resale market for this type of action camera that makes GoPro very much vulnerable to theft. It will also target your car for a smash and grab this device.

Overheating acts like a poison to a GoPro camera. The last thing you would want your camera to be melted like ice cream on a hot day in summer. GoPro can withstand a maximum temperature of 52 degrees Celsius. But the dashboard of a car reaches a temperature of up to 65 degrees Celsius within an hour with extreme sun rays. Thus using this device in hot weather conditions might cause long term damage to the cam that might become dysfunctional in the long run.

Using a GoPro as a dashcam might be difficult for some users, as you have to turn it on before you begin driving your vehicle manually. You also need to confirm the recording settings, hit the record button, and switch it off manually before boarding off your car. This might be a one-time shooting of your adventures but can become a hassle if you have to do it every day. You need to either replace or empty the memory card once the space in it is full.

GoPro runs on a battery. Thus it would be best if you always carry an extra pair of batteries to use the device. There are no inbuilt shock sensors in most of the GoPro models. However, some of the recent cameras from the company contain a GPS and a G sensor. Also, the parking mode feature is absent in GoPro. This means either you have to keep it on in parking while you are away from your vehicle or turn it off and leave it based on luck.

The average life of the GoPro as a dashcam lasts for only two hours. The dash mount and the casing of the camera do not have any supply for continuous external power. It is seen that both the features are leading to the problem of overheating issues even in normal temperature surroundings. 

GoPro V/s Dashcams:


GoPro as a dashcam is not so convenient like a traditional dashboard camera, but it will record the video efficiently

More expensive than the dash cameras

You need to manually start it every time before driving

Not resistant and durable to extreme weathers

No parking mode is present to detect any collision while you are away from your vehicle

Some models of GoPro include G sensors and GPS

The Battery life of GoPro is mostly less than two hours


Ideal for traffic monitoring and insurance claim purposes

Much cheaper than GoPro models

These devices automatically turn on when you ignite the engine and begin recording. They automatically turn on and off with the engine of the vehicle.

Can operate in extreme low as well as high temperatures without any difficulty

Intelligent parking mode feature keeps of recording on a loop when you are not present in your car

Most of the Dashcams include inbuilt G sensors and the GPS feature

Dashcams runs on a car charger and thus record continuously

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Absolutely like any other dashcams, GoPro includes a loop recording facility on an SD memory card overwrites the older videos with the new ones.

You can leave a GoPro as a dashcam turned on, but it will get heated up quickly. So we would recommend switching it off when you are not near your car.

Final Verdict

GoPro as a Dashcam is outstanding when you want to record it for some quick action or adventures. You might use it to record small clips of the scenic mountains or road trips. But when it comes to a question of regular use, it won’t stand a chance near dashcams. GoPro cameras are not just ideal for everyday drivers. Dashcams are mostly designed, keeping all the essential needs of a rider. Hopefully, by reading this article, you have by now know the real differences between GoPro and dashcams. Stick to us next week for more reviews like this.

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