3 Best Hidden Dash Cam: Our Top Picks for 2021

Most of us are always in fear of our dashcam getting stolen if they leave the car parking in an urban area. There might always be a possibility that someone might forcefully break into the vehicle and steal your valuable dashcam. You can significantly decrease this chance by purchasing a discreet and small dash cameras well hidden and invisible from the outside.

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A hidden dash cam will help you keep an extra pair of eyes on the driver or your beloved teenager who recently got their driver’s license. It can also help you stay away from any accident liability and act as evidence in petty issues like violation of a traffic signal. In these cases, a low profile hidden camera is the best choice for you.

There are innumerable models of hidden dash cam for car available in the market. This could be a headache for you to choose anyone from unlimited options. Well, our team has selected the best three concealed cameras along with their buying guide. Well, enough of my rambling. Now continue to read the article to know further about hidden dashboard cameras.

Why Use a Hidden Dashcam?

Every car owner should buy a dashcam for safety during driving. This should be not only for car safety but also for your loved ones. Imagine you being blamed for accidents for which you are not responsible, but a well-concealed dashboard cam will not only protect you from such scam but will also prove your innocence.

Another important thing for which you should use a hidden dash camera is their size. The device comes in a minimal size so that you can veil it out of sight without anyone noticing it. This enables the user to record anything, drawing no attraction to your car. These hidden dash cam are also safe from theft or break-ins. It can be helpful if you need to park your car on the streets.

Hidden dash cam for car also do not block the vision of the drivers while driving. Just install any of the below-mentioned dashcams on the windshield and hide it beneath the rearview mirror. They look nothing like the recording devices, and the user can also carefully conceal the wiring system within the car.

Moreover, the camera mounting system is also easily removable and adjustable. Thus you can mount it anywhere with no hassle. Hidden cameras can also record every detail inside the car. It also offers the driver’s state of mind as proof in case of any road rage.

The Best Hidden Dash Cam Devices:

1. Garmin Dash Cam Mini

Garmin small dash cameras implement higher-quality sensors in their products, making sure that the device can capture good night and day video quality even in low light circumstances. It can shoot 1080 pixel resolution video at 30 FPS. This trustworthy and reliable camera records footage at 140 degree wide angles to the user.

This device has a size of car keys that remain unnoticed even from proximity. The inbuilt wi-fi connectivity uploads the videos to the smartphone directly through the Garmin application. You can also play and control the videos on your phone. It requires 8 GB of class 10 microSD cards for the loop recording feature.

The Garmin dashcam also includes parking mode features that can detect any sudden movements when the car is in parking mode. It begins recording the accident’s footage almost immediately for up to 20 seconds and locks it in a safe location without being overwritten. This might need a separate external battery or hardware kit to keep the machine powered when the engine is turned off.

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2. BLACKVUE BV-DR900S-2CH-16 Dash Cam

DR900S have redefined all the expectations for the storage affectivity and video fidelity. The front camera records everything at 162 wide angles and takes full benefit of the 4K UHD resolution video. The back camera records the footage at a 139-degree wide-angle, even in extremely low light surroundings. This feature makes the device perfect for the vehicles with tints.

The hidden dash cam comes in a tiny black tube that utilizes an adhesive mount to attach it behind the windshield. It becomes almost invisible when it is mounted on a rearview mirror, and the wires get tucked away in the headliner segment. The rear camera is even smaller than the front one in size.

Moreover, the dual cameras offer 360 degrees coverage of the vehicle along with parking and motion detection mode. Also, the 8 MP CMOS sensors capture even the road’s critical details removing all the blank spots. The inbuilt GPS adds speed and location to the videos. It also includes 2.4/5 GHz that allows faster wi-fi connectivity to your smartphone or tablet.

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3. Street Guardian SG9665GC v3 Edition Dash Cam

This is one of the best small dash cams that you can install in your car and forget about it. It is a DVR appliance that records full high definition videos at 1080 Pixel resolution. The metal case holder and the supercapacitor feature of this device can sustain extreme weather conditions and record everything.

The IMX322 CMOS Sensor from Sony, 96655 Processor from Novatek, f/2.0 Dual IR cut, and 120-degree medium wide-angle delivers crystal clear image with well-focused images. This hidden dashboard camera from Street Guardian is all about offering high quality and over the top customer satisfaction to its users.

The 1.5 inch TFT screens, along with the inbuilt microphone and speaker, record and display the videos without any problem. The motion detection feature will start recording a video once it detects a collision or sudden jerk and safely stores it in a file.

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Factors to Look When Purchasing a Hidden Dash Cam:

small dash cameras

You should take several considerations into account while selecting a hidden dashboard camera for vehicle usage. With this in mind, we have jotted down the crucial elements that you should consider before making your ultimate decision. They are:

Size is an essential aspect of this type of dashcam. The capacity to hide in a small and tight spot depends on the camera size. It should be small enough so that it will go unnoticed if you park the car even in an isolated place.

Some models of a personal dashboard can offer 720 pixels. But there are other models as well which offer up to 1080 or 1440 pixels. In the end, better picture quality means a simple way to show what has occurred on the spot. You can also get an image of clear license plates and other vital information if your hidden device records everything in high resolution.

The display can be a concern in hidden cameras as if the display screen got more prominent, and then it will be impossible to conceal it. If you want a big display that will be easy to manipulate, then go for those dashcams which you can install in the rearview mirror and offer a touch screen display.

Some additional features on a dashcam are wi-fi, GPS, alert for driver fatigue, parking surveillance, dual camera, night vision, and more.

Since you might never know when an accident can occur, the night vision feature is crucial for a camera. Choose a device that can record everything, even in low light conditions.

A dashcam with a loop recording feature will replace the outdated videos with the newest ones, once the MicroSD card runs out of memory. In this way, you do not have to clear the old videos from the card to record the new ones.

The latest hidden dash cameras are now compatible with Mac, Android, or Linux. Make sure that the camera you will buy should be compatible with your smartphone or PC.

Dashcams with G sensors can instantly detect an accident or a collision. After that, it saves the collision recording footage in a secure file so that the loop recording feature cannot overwrite it. The motion detector records everything when there is a sudden jerk or a movement. In this way, it does not record unnecessary videos and thus saves both the battery and memory.

The invisible dashcams can come in any shape, but the stealthiest designs come in Tube and wedge-shaped.

There are mainly three types of mounting that come with hidden dashboard cameras. This has a strong impact on how invisible the device will be in your vehicle.

  • Suction Cup Mounting: A suction cup mounting will install the dashcam upside down, which can sometimes make it more seen from the outside. It can be a good alternative if you are using a rental vehicle or switching cars, but it is not the best alternative for longer terms.
  • Adhesive Mounting: You have to install adhesive mounting dash cams on the windshield permanently. This is one of the finest options for a stealth dashcam as it includes a low profile and holds the device closest to the window.
  • Dashboard Mounting: This mounting is stuck up on the windshield rather than the dashboard. They are one of the most visually stuck cameras that make them vulnerable to theft.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q1) Where to Install the Hidden dashboard camera?

A best-hidden dash camera should be installed in the front windshield of the vehicle in such a way that it should not obstruct or interrupt the driver’s view.to push and pull the levers to get the mower to move. 

  • Q2) Will any wires be hanging from the device?

All dashboard cameras come with a 4 meter of DC adaptor cable. The power cable can be hidden and routed between the gaps in places like the car’s pillar or headliner.

  • Q3) How can I charge the secret dashboard cam?

All the secret dashboard cameras are charged through the vehicle’s socket for the cigarette lighter. However, the power supply design varies from product to product.

Final Verdict

We can conclude that after considering all the pros and cons of a product and the factors mentioned above, choosing the correct unseen dash cam will no longer be a tedious task. Some models are expensive, while others include added capabilities and features, suction mounting, and many more. Fix a budget and check out which features suit your needs. If you have any more questions or suggestions to add to our list, kindly contact us. Thank you for giving your time!

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