The Original Dash Cam Lux (4SK010)

The Dash Cam market is filled with dash cams that make claims about having  Night Vision, Night Assist, Night Mode, etc. the list goes on.  The only problem is that as much as they would love the units to really have these features they are promising.  However if you take a look at any of there ACTUAL Night footage, not just an image on their site, then you will be sadly let down.  As the images captured by these devices leave much to be desired.  Not to mention any footage collected driving at night in most cases will be useless especially if needed for identifying someone by Lic plate.  This has even been the case for all other The Original Dash Cam items, until now.

We have been asked for years to produce a Dash Cam capable of actually capturing usable night footage. Well our team of engineers have not disappointed in what they have been able to accomplish with The Original Dash Cam Lux.  Not only can the Lux see in low light conditions, it can pick up data in Ultra-Low light conditions, like darn near NO LIGHT conditions.  When we took it out to test we were hoping to see detail in the shadowy areas of the frame, but we were pleasantly surprised when we not only saw into the Shadowy areas, but we could see into the BLACK OUT areas of the normal frame.  When testing side by side with a The Original Dash Cam Pony with Night assist, where the pony was completely black on the screen, the LUX could see every little detail.  It is truly amazing and we cannot wait to share this technology with the world.

What made this possible though you ask after all of these years? Well it includes proprietary Starlite technology which makes the LUX the ONLY dash cam in the world that can really see clearly in Ultra-low light conditions.  Many others claim to have night vision or low light functions; However where they fall short the LUX Shines and delivers the high quality night images you have always wanted from a dash cam.  So drivers can be confident when purchasing the Lux they will have the footage they required, Day or Night. They can also be confident they have the very BEST quality and support as all other The Original Dash Cam products built to the highest of Quality Control Specs in the industry.  So be sure to check out the new LUX model in just a few days when it will be officially released into the wild.

Actual Other Night Footage

Actual LUX Night Footage