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3 reviews for 4SK108 BODY ONLY | NO ACCESSORIES

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Product lasts long time.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5


    This camera just saved a friend of mine a great deal of trouble. After I had had a accident where a person was driving on the wrong side of the road and side swiped my car, I said then if I had a camera things would have turned out differently. My friend decided to buy a camera for herself after hearing that, and it has turned out to be well worth it. She was hit going through an intersection and two people accused her of speeding and running a red light. We couldn’t check the camera until the next day to see if it captured everything, but luckily, it got the whole thing on video. It was just as she said, the light was green for her, and they had the red light. They had accused her of speeding and running the red light. Both were false. In fact she had slowed down for the intersection. Needless to say, the prosecuting attorney dropped the case against her, and said it looks like the others were up to something. This saved her a lot of money and insurance payout. Had the camera not captured this, there was no way she could go up against the other person and a so called witness that just happen to show up on the scene that isn’t even in any of the videos, and prove she had a green light. I have one in each of my vehicles as well. Well worth it.

    The only issues I have had on these cameras is very cold weather which doesn’t allow it to come on sometimes, and once in awhile I have to wipe the sd card because the camera keeps needing to be reset. Night pictures aren’t the best either, so I upgraded to the night camera and love it. This only gets a 4 because of this. But in her case, it worked perfectly.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Edmund Sellman

    A year ago I was splitting lanes on my motorcycle on the 405 in LA and a woman decided to change lanes across the double yellow lines. I was doing 45mph and didn’t even have enough time to get the gas off. That wiped out the left side of my bike and I tried to get between her and the car that was stopped in traffic in front of her. Didn’t make it. That wiped out the right side of my bike. When the police showed up I told them I had the whole thing on video and when he told her she admitted to coming over the double yellow lines. I can’t get my camera to do the loop recording so I have to reset the taping about every hour of use but that is OK, this thing will save you a fortune and they are not very expensive. I love this camera and will not drive my bike without it.

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