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3 reviews for COM110

  1. JL

    Thank you for this almost Free Safety!

  2. Don Maxie

    Have had dual lens 106 for 3 years. Undeniably one the smartest purchases I had ever made. Imagine interstate speeds, a tractor trailer backing up in the emergency lane because he missed his exit, and he turns his front tires to the right, causing the tractor to swing left, in my lane, causing me to stand on my brakes. This resulted in me being rear-ended by another tractor trailer with a full load of logs. The driver backing up continued backing up, took the exit and disappeared. The SK106 caught all of his cab markings and tag info. Everything ckear, pretty, and tells on the bd guy.

  3. Don Maxie

    That was an SK606, not 106. My error.

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