7 Best Wireless Dash Cams [2021 Reviews & Guide]

If you want complete peace of mind or want to lower the premium of your car insurance then the installation of a dash cam is a must for you. You can also directly upload your beautiful road trips to youtube and Instagram almost instantly through this device.  Dash cams have proven their worth in case of accidents or insurance claims, also where the footage of the accident captured by this device is indisputable evidence. 

Most of the models of Dash cams offer exclusive features like GPS tracking, G force sensors, infrared night vision, and many more. Some models even come with smart features like Alexa’s support for hands-free and voice control. But nowadays, with wireless devices becoming more popular, dash cams have also incorporated this feature in some of the models. Having a Wi-Fi-based dashcam is convenient as you can change the settings, review a video, or can also download it directly on your phone without any difficulty.

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Along with these Wireless dash cams, the LCD screen can also be removed, making the device stealthier. There are numerous choices for selecting a dashcam with a huge number of models available in the market. But there are various factors to consider before buying a wireless dash cam. Thus we have selected the best seven wireless dash cams along with their advantages, mechanism of work, and buying guide. Now, are you anxious to know more? Then continue reading the article below.

What Is a Wireless Dash Cam and How Does It work?

wifi dash cam

A wireless dashcam assists you in innumerable ways to prevent an unpredictable accident and all your recordings in the best possible way when you need it the most. Dash cams offer clear visual evidence of the incident without the removal of the memory card.

Mechanism of Dashcam operations:

A dashcam records everything that is going in and around the vehicle. But when it has the wireless ability, you can expect something more from them. Wifi activated Dash cams include a smartphone application offered by the manufacturer. In fact, you can also download the app if you have a smartphone. After downloading, the app will ask you a series of questions to answer for and then connect the phone to the device. 

Once there is a connection between your smartphone and wifi camera, you can receive live streaming and video recording directly from the gadget. You can also download the footage of any accidents directly to your phone, which can be again forwarded to YouTube or insurance companies. Make sure to position the dashcam in such a way that it will not obstruct your view while driving.

Many models of Dash cams can also send various recorded events to the subscribed or free cloud service where the videos can be accessed later. The cloud service will alert you if your car is hit by unwanted accidents or see real-time videos directly from the device. 

Thus as soon as you connect the smartphone to your camera, the wireless connection will allow the former to control the gadget remotely. For a smaller distance between the camera and the phone, the internet should be shared by the phone only instead of any hotspot. However, you will require a portable hotspot to receive direct live footage from the camera. Thus you need to purchase a portable hotspot or router in your car and choose the wifi of your dashcam.

Review of the Best Wireless Dash Cams:

1. Rexing V1P Pro wifi Car Dash Cam

V1P is high quality and compact dashcam that is made by one of the leading manufacturers named Rexing. Both the dual cameras record videos at 1080 pixels with 30 frames per second. The WDR technology allows the gadget to operate even in low light conditions through careful tuning of the exposure.

The dual lenses of this model include 170 wide-angle views to capture every view of the surroundings. The GPS logger is fitted internally to mark the location, time, speed, and date information for all your recordings. Thus there is no need for an added accessory to record all this separately. 

Save, share, and view Dash cams wirelessly and directly on your smartphone through an application interface. The device receives power through the supercapacitor that is nothing but an outstanding alternative to lithium-ion batteries. The super capacitor includes an improved resistance of temperature to the cold and hot climates. The operational temperature of the V1P pro is from 20 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

The video recordings are divided into sections. When the memory card reaches its maximum storage capacity, new recordings will automatically delete the old ones. The G sensor in this device detects a sudden collision and locks the accidental video inside a file without any fear of overwriting. 

The wifi dash cam can have an expandable memory of 256 GB and support class 10 memory cards. The device comes in a package that also contains a 20 feet cable, a suction cup for easy mounting, and 33 feet rear camera extension cable.

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2. Thinkware F800 PRO 2 Dashcam

This is one of the best wifi dash cams in 2021 that we have implemented in our car for a long time. The F800 can be fixed to the windshield with sticky 3-meter tape. Since there is no screen present in this device, you can almost hide it behind the rearview mirror of the vehicle. With Sony STARVIS CMOS sensors, the gadget can clearly record the surroundings even in low light conditions.

The Ambarella A12 Chipset can record 1080 pixel resolution on both the lenses simultaneously. The inbuilt GPS will send a notification to the user for high speed and red light alerts of the traffic. It also includes the ability to alert the user with its Geo-Fencing feature. Thinkware F800 reduces energy consumption by almost one third while recording in the parking facilities.

It also records three times longer video than the normal Dash cams in the parking mode. The time-lapse facility can record the parked vehicle continuously for 48 hours. The 7 x7 x 6 inches camera comes with a lifetime warranty support from the manufacturer. While driving through tight roads, it will become cautious you with lane departure and forward collision awareness.

It offers high video quality even in the night mode. The wifi of the gadget can connect to your smartphone through an application to control the device remotely. The most outstanding feature of F800 is its new cloud service. This will notify the user when your car will face an accident directly to your smartphone and will be saved in the cloud. 

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3. BlackVue DR750S Dashcam

The dual STARVIS sensors in DR750S record full HD 1080 pixel videos and save it in the memory card for future reference of the user. The front lens records 60 frames per second and the rear one 30 frames each second. There is also an inbuilt microphone fitted with this device. The mic feature makes it an ideal product for those who want to record and upload their videos directly on YouTube or Instagram.

It has an expandable memory of 128 GB and supports a class 10 memory card. This is one of the most updated best wifi dash cam that comes with various recording modes. The motion detection mode in the parking zone enables the cam to record everything if a sudden jerk or collision is felt. The video will be saved in a secure file, even if you are not near the car. 

This 360-degree rotating cylinder comes in a sleek and beautiful design that supports all types of file formats, including MP4. The video recorded in this gadget can be played in every gadget without difficulty. It comes with cloud compatibility that allows viewing live feed even when you are watching a movie with your loved one. It also sends push notifications and backs up videos to your phone from anywhere.

Some of the most notable features of DR750S are inbuilt GPS logger, wifi, and impact detection. The intuitive controls of the Blackvue allow more convenience to change the settings. The audio recording can be toggled off and on just by a movement of your hand. The wifi can also be set with just a button push. The data for speed alerts can be overlaid in the footage.

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4. BlackVue DR900S-2CH Dashcam

DR900S has redefined the expectations of the video quality and storage capacities of the dash cams. The device can capture 4K HD videos with its 8 MP Front CMOS sensors, which are four times higher than the normal products. This dash cam with wireless rear camera also makes sure that it will deliver the best picture quality even in low or no light surroundings. The H.265 HEVC compression helps the video to look better and keep the file size small.

The front camera records 3840 X 2160 pixel resolutions at 30 frames each second and the rear one at 1920 X 1080 pixel resolutions at 30 frames per second. The 162 wide-angle view of the front camera helps you to take full benefit of the 4K UHD quality. The rear camera records with 139-degree WDR technology with mind-blowing low light sensitivity.

It captures each detail while you are driving, or the vehicle is standing in the parking mode. With easy cloud connectivity, you can check about your car’s well being from anywhere through the inbuilt wifi connectivity. The product also sends alerts for high speed in the road, but it can be overlaid in the video. 


There is no chance of your vehicle getting stolen as you can see the exact location of the car through the BlackVue Viewers Map or application. It also includes Motion and impact detection that can sense the sudden motion changes in the speed while it is standing still. While parked, it can also detect movements and send the recorded video to the user.

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5. Rexing V1 3rd Generation Dashcam

This 3rd generation captures a video of 2160 pixel resolutions at 24 frames per second. The dynamic WDR technique allows the device to operate optimally under any lighting condition simply by exposure adjusting to produce a well-balanced image. Through wifi connectivity, you can share, save, and view the video recordings wirelessly on your smartphone.

The low profile architecture of V1 helps you to hide the device well under the windshield. The 170-degree wide-angle view allows the device to capture a beautiful view of the road ahead. When the memory card reaches its highest limit, the loop recording feature helps to clear the gadget. Through this facility, new recordings will take the place of the old ones automatically by overwriting.

Moreover, V1 3rd Generation from Rexing supports up to 256 GB class 10 or higher memory cards. Thus storage of high-quality videos is not an issue in this device. The inbuilt G sensor immediately detects the collision and locks the recent video in a safe location. This will prevent the file from getting deleted and will help the user to present the video as evidence. The parking monitoring facility offers continuous recording for more than 24 hours.

It can operate at a vast-ranging temperature of -20 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and have a storage temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit, making it ready to record any video in any climate. The GPS logger records the exact time, date, speed, and location of the videos. The package comes in a suction mounting cup for easy installation and hardware kit.

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6. Blueskysea B1W mini wifi dash cam

This discreet and small B1W comes at a very competitive and reasonable price. The camera comes with a Novatek GM8135S processor and Sony IMX323 sensors. The processor used in this device is chiefly installed in surveillance cameras. It is the first time that this processor is used in a dashcam. The 87 X 43 X 35 mm pill-shaped camera is quite compact in design.

The dashcam does not include a screen. You can control the device on the smartphone through the app from the manufacturer. The cam includes a button at the end of this product that locks the recent file that is recorded. The wifi is turned off by pressing the button for a long time. It also comes with voice notifications and SD card detection. The voice notifications can also be replaced with a clear beep sound or completely turned off if it is causing you distraction while driving.

The gadget also comes with a small LED indicator for the notifications. The cams can record 1080 pixel video resolution at 30 frames per second at a 12 Mbps rate. The quality of the images and videos are of high quality even at night. The lenses are composed of 6 layered glass that offers non-deformed and stunning images.

The parking mode function triggers the G sensor when it detects an impact. The device begins automatically recording a video for 30 seconds. Before using the device in the car, it needs to be installed properly with an adhesive in the window. Make sure to install it in an appropriate and safe location where it will give you a clear view of the road ahead. This is one of the best wifi dash cam 2021

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7. YI Smart Dash Cam

YI dashcam is installed with an Advanced Driver Assistance System that offers one of the most optimized and advanced visual recognition algorithms. It makes sure that the device offers safe driving while changing or leaving a tight lane through the Lane departure feature. The warnings for the forward collision cautious the driver about the closing distance between your and the front car to avoid any collision.

The 165-degree wide-angle glass view allows monitoring a road of 3 lanes comfortably. This highly accurate and near to the perfect device leaves no blind spots in the recorded videos. The high processor can record the videos at 60 frames every second. The H.264 video encoding feature guarantees high clarified images while acquiring less space in the memory card. 

The G sensor benefit permits the camera to record everything automatically in case of any emergency collision or accidents. Night vision is another important feature of this gadget. The F 1.8 aperture with high sensitive image sensors captures video in a perfect night vision technology. With 44% more density than a 1080 pixel resolution dash cam, it creates clearer pictures than anyone can imagine.

The 2.4 GHz wifi module of the YI dash cam helps you to see the real-time footage of your vehicle even when you are in a vital office meeting. The 6G lens includes an infrared filter that reduces the glare, makes the HD videos sharper, and more realistic. The 16:9 inch LCD screen is quite large enough to offer the driver a broader view.

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How to Choose the Best Wireless Dash Cams?

best wifi dash cam

Dash cams are now slowly moving from the stage of being an accessory to the most trusted security gadget. But there are certain factors to look for before making a final decision to pick any model of the dashcam. 

A dashcam should have at least 1080 p video recording capability. Carefully look at the ratings and reviews before buying the model. Some gadgets offer 4K recordings also, but they are priced at the higher side.

The screen of the dashcam is placed either on the windshield or the dashboard. The screen offers immense help during parallel or reverses parking. If you are thinking of placing the device on the windshield, then we would recommend going for a smaller screen. The screen should also support the resolution of the camera.

Applications are the central stations for wireless cameras where you can view all the recordings, control the device, and set the customized commands. Different models come with different applications and features. It can also support night recording, remote views, and other settings directly from the phone.

Loop recording is also helpful in maintaining the storage facility of the camera. If the model has a feature of loop recording, then you have to leave the camera on. When the memory becomes full, the loop feature will remove the old files with the new recordings. It can also send the videos to the cloud if the camera is connected to the service through wifi.

Wide-angle capacity is the facility of the device to how wide and far the cam can record everything. The camera should include at least a 140-degree angle. Many models even come with 160 wide angle capacities.

By the total number of channels, we mean how many lenses of the camera are active at a single time. If your goals are to record the rear areas only, then choose a single camera with a single channel. If you want to record the car interior also along with front and rear views, then the camera should include multiple channels.

With GPS, you do not have to worry about your car being stolen anymore. Through the app and wifi, you can easily spot the correct location of your vehicle. GPS also assists in navigation.

Recording in night vision is helpful not only to record anything in the dark, but it also helps to park your vehicles in the parking spots. They record everything in low light by using the car light or any light source from the surroundings.

Advantages of wifi Dash Cam over Standard Dash Cams

The popularity of the wifi dash cam is enhancing day by day due to some unbelievable benefits. The live streaming of the videos when you are not near your car or parked away is the most vital reason for the people in buying a wireless dashcam. You can keep an eye on your vehicle for 24 X 7 and report anything suspicious to the police in case of any vandalism. You do not also have to handle difficulties like reducing the video size and increasing the discreteness to share the evidence.

Another advantage of a wireless dashcam over the standard ones is that it easily offers a change in the settings. The settings can be changed even from your phone through an application. The phone will operate as the remote control to handle every element of the camera. These types of dash cams also allow you to send the videos directly to your email, replay the footage in high resolution, and upload it in the social media accounts. The camera also acts as instant proof of the accident without removing the memory card. These wifi functionalities offer hassle-free operation to view any video footage with luxury.

Best Zero Turn Mowers FAQ’s

  • Q1) Why is wireless dashcam required?

The wireless dashcam is needed for several reasons like:

    • In case of an accident, it offers liability protection
    • Vehicle protection when it is parked away
    • Security from road rage accidents
    • Evidence recording in case of hit and run
    • Industry compliance
    • For making interesting and funny videos
    • Protection of your loved ones while driving
  • Q2) What are one and two-channel wireless dashcams?

A single-lens device, when mounted on a dashboard with its lens facing on the front windshield of the car, is known as one channel camera. It records only a single view. A 2 channel dashcam means it includes two lenses. They are mounted with one lens facing the front and another one facing the rear to offer a clear view of both the sides of the driver. 

  • Q3) Does the device drain out my battery when the car is off?

No, most of the wireless dashcam models automatically switch on or off when the vehicle’s engine is on and off. Thus the camera will not use the car battery when the engine is off. 

Final Verdict

We hope that by now, you must have understood that wireless Dash cams not only improve the safety of your family when you are driving but also assists in navigation in tight and tricky situations. All the models mentioned above in this list are highly configured and well-connected wifi devices. Hopefully, you have now selected your suitable model of the best wifi dashcam and already installed it in your vehicle. Do comment on us in the below section or have any suggestions for us. We will be back next week with another detailed review of a product.

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